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"Alex is a quick learner who excelled at all duties given to him and always reached out to do more. He is detail oriented and constantly driven to get the task done and done right. His positivity and energy make him a joy to work with, so works well with others but does equally well when left alone with minimal guidance to affect change on problems big and small. He is smart, organized, efficient, hardworking, and would be a great addition to any workplace."


Latif Van Lowe

Senior Director, Marketing Operations

Esquire Network

"Over the course of the last couple years, I have had the pleasure to watch the ongoing growth of Alex's talents. He helped strengthen our team's creativity and development. His approach to any task is always passionate and perseverant. He managed, organize, plan and execute many advertising and marketing campaigns with the organization. The ingenuity he brought to a current idea was always a key to evolving publicity pieces. Alex has a sophisticated grasp of design and a personable approach that make him a pleasure to work with."

Karina Maldonado

Past President

UCPC - Angelo State University 


"Alex Bryant is an exceptional young man with many talents. Not only is he an outstanding graphic designer, but he is also a great mentor and motivator. Alex inspires others to do what they really love in life and to 'just focus on the moment'. Alex has worked on several graphic design projects for me and his work received large acclaim. Alex is extremely passionate about his craft and is very knowledgable of the art of graphic design. I fully support and recommend Alex Bryant for your graphic design needs."

Gina Parks 

Social Media Consultant and Influencer 


"I had the pleasure of meeting Alexander when he was a student volunteer for the ACM SIGGRAPH's 41 st International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. He set himself a part from his peers with his cheerful attitude, outgoing nature, and proactive approach to volunteering. I strongly believe Alexander has a bright future ahead of him. With his innovative mindset and drive to do his utmost, I know he will prove to be an asset where his career may take him."

Megan Mohler  

2014 SIGGRAPH Student Volunteer Subcommittee Communication Lead 

"My name is Ryan LaPerle, I am a musician from Boston and I have had a great experience working with Alexander in the past year of 2013. We met at a college conference in Tulsa, OK called National Association for Campus Activities, NACA. And I want to say since meeting Alex, he has been nothing but kind, hard working, thoughtful and incredibly talented in all he does. Alex has gone out of his way to make my performance at his school a really successful event. The banners were high quality and put up weeks before the event in places people could observe. During the event, he did an awesome job being proactive talking with people and making them feel comfortable, along with hyping up the show. I would highly recommend hiring Alex for any of his services."


Ryan LaPerle 


National Activities for Campus Activities 


"I continue to be impressed with the scope of Alex Bryant's talent and the positive energy and enthusiasm with which he approaches every new project and opportunity. And, although Alex's work speaks for itself, it is in meeting and working with Alex that you gain insight to and a true appreciation of the artist and man behind the talent. But, rather than creating a long list of his admirable traits, I encourage you to contact Alex. You will not be disappointed."

Julie Ruthenbeck


Angelo State Career Development 


"I am offering this recommendation to anyone who is seeking to employ or utilize Alex Bryant for his artistic, consulting services. Alex is a very gifted and talented artist who listens carefully to the customer's needs. He is artistic, but still is very disciplined in creating a product for what the customer wants plus adding his personal touch the product(s). He is patient, open to suggestions, feedback, and utilizes clear communication skills when it comes to working with his customer(s). He is very skillful, innovative, and robust in terms of his work. He is a skilled artist that has yet to scratch the surface of his potential gift and skills. I would highly recommend Alex Bryant as a consultant in terms of wanting satisfactory, one-of-a-kind creation for your business or individual's needs. Alex is amazing at what he does, and yet he is humble when it comes to his artistic flair and unique creations. He is very amazing person over all."

Liza Dennis 

Director of Marketing

BEPC Inc. 

"I believe Alex got a great overview of the production process from writing to videotaping to the final editing process. He has the potential to work for entertainment news show. Whether its in the social media department or in standard television. LOVE LOVE LOVE Alex! He was a pleasure to have around during a very hectic and crazy summer. I believe Alex will have a bright future in the television industry."


Miguel Enciso 


CBS Television Distribution: The Insider 


"I have known Alex for a couple of years from a personal and professional stand point. He possesses a wide range of creative abilities is very organized, and has excellent communication skills. Alex always goes above and beyond in all of the projects he undertakes and exceeds expectations. His work ethic and business acumen is outstanding and his ability to build relationship is extraorindary. Alex would be a great asset to any organization looking for someone whose contributions will strengthen their organization."

Del Velasquez


Downtown San Angelo Inc. 

"Even when Alex did my 'Coming Soon' page I was ecstatic! I completely trusted him to execute my vision with the upmost professionalism. Now that my site is active, I'm more than happy with the outcome. He is brilliant! I have had multiple people compliment me on the crips, professional, well-executed design. Alex Bryant will not disappoint let me tell you. If you are trying to get a website made, his the guy to build it from the ground up." 

Kristian Wishom


Licensed Medical Esthetician/Makeup Artist 

"I've known Alex Bryant for awhile yet meeting him in person felt so wonderful! He has such a gentle, genuine spirit. Alex worked countless hours on the logo and website for my organization that feeds the homeless known as 'The Green Team Helping Hands Inc.'. Alex came up with a great design just by hearing a few words of my vision. I am so blessed to have met him and will continue to work with in the future for all of my graphic design needs! Thank you so much Alexander Bryant, and I'm looking forward to seeing great things from you! The Green Team Helping Hands Inc. appreciates you."

Ashley Benton   

Founder/Executive Director

The Green Team Helping Hands Inc. 

"I've had the pleasure of working with Alex on a number of occasions to support my varied initiatives including the recent launch of a new business. Not only is Alex hard working and enthusiastic, he is extremely creative and forward thinking. He has brought my social media strategy to a new level and took the reins seamlessly for my launch event. Alex is ready to take on any new challenge he's presented with from being asked at the last minute to host a live stream requiring him to interview celebs to leveraging his vast network of contacts to get the job done. Alex would be a tremendous asset to any organization. You'd be so lucky to have him!"


Katie Chin

Celebrity Chef and Cookbook Author

"After meeting Alexander I was immediately impacted by how genuine, hard working and driven he is. Alex reached out to me so we could collaborate on an creative inspirational program for his university and he is the sole reason for the success of the program. He's wise beyond his years, has grown his skills both as a designer and an entrepreneur and most of all is a man of incredible character. Working with Alex has not only been a pleasure, but an inspiration."


Jeribai Tascoe

Principal/Creative Director

New Creation Studio/HGTV Personality


"Alex has a gift of understanding his client's needs. He actively listens to the verbal goals and visions and is able to create visual graphics that reflect the ideals. I highly recommend Alex for your graphic media and website design products."


Jennifer Ettinger 

Principal/Creative Director Social PR Expert and CEO of PinkDreamInc. 

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Alex for the past 2 years. He is a very talented and inspiring young man with a huge heart. He approaches every task with passion and determination and gives it his all.  He has helped me some graphic art work and Social Media projects. I am an artist myself and strongly recommend Alex for any graphic design work. He is extremely talented and creative. You can expect only the best from Alex and I can’t wait to see where he lands."

Malika Ghosh Garrett

Business Consultant and Artist

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